Innovation hub

Encouraging the financial technology and business development!

The main advantages of the Innovation Hub

Professional advice in the field of innovative technology
If you are a FinTech company wishing to provide services in Latvia, we will help you find the right licensing solution

What is the Innovation Hub?

The Innovation Hub is a special contact point for FinTech companies and market participants to raise questions in the FinTech area and receive guidance on the compliance of innovative financial product, service or business model with licensing requirements, supervision and regulation.

What kind of advice we give?

  • Legislation
  • Licensing 
  • Regulation  
  • IT security
  • AML
consultations in 2023

Development of FinTech is one of priorities of Latvijas Banka.

Our objectives:

Latest technology innovation directions in the financial sector

Biometric solutions
Big data
Artificial intelligence
Machine learning

At the Innovation Hub, you will receive support at any stage of business development!

Consultations with experts of Latvijas Banka

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