Debut of Latvian fintech companies in Tel Aviv at the FinTech Junction Conference

I am delighted to share my incredible experience at a recent FinTech Junction conference, where I had the honour of participating and presenting the dynamic Latvian fintech ecosystem.

It was an event that left a lasting impression and allowed me to showcase the innovation happening in Latvia's financial technology sector.

Huge kudos to the organizers, Lyx and Ben Pillen, for putting together such an outstanding conference and creating a valuable experience for all attendees. The conference surpassed all expectations, offering a platform for thought-provoking discussions, inspiring talks, and invaluable networking opportunities.

Presenting the Latvian fintech ecosystem was truly an honour, especially to highlight the achievements, advancements, and potential of our fintech industry. The conference provided a stage to showcase the collaborative efforts of talented individuals and innovative companies in driving the growth of fintech in Latvia.

Avots: Tomer Foltyn

From a regulatory perspective, it was very valuable to participate in a panel discussion regarding cybersecurity management in the financial sector. New types of emerging risks in relation to outsourcing services and third-party providers are growing across the financial sector. During the discussions, we focused on how to measure the risks from a supervisory perspective and discussed global trends in respect to innovations that bring new types of risk to the cybersecurity arena.

The meetings with Israel's fintech association and later with fintech companies were remarkable in terms of future cooperation. Irina Rebenčika, the permanent representative of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency in Israel, managed to organize meetings with supervisory authorities to discuss topics related to the development of open banking and open finance, provision of innovations in the financial sector, and trends in the regulation of crypto assets.

One of the key elements of the conference was the cooperation agreement signed between the Latvian Investment and Development Agency and the Innovation Authority of Israel to foster bilateral projects in innovation and technology development.

This conference served as a reminder of the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the Fintech industry. It was inspiring to witness the collective passion and drive to revolutionize financial services. The connections made, ideas exchanged, and insights gained from fellow participants will help the industry grow.

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