Companies PrimeX and SIA gain recognition at the Fintech Factor competition

On 10 October, fintech companies PrimeX and SIA received recognition at the Fintech Factor competition held during the Latvia Fintech Forum 2023. The Fintech Forum piqued significant interest, attracting more than 200 representatives from the fintech ecosystem.

The grand prix of the competition – a cash award provided by investor Gary Palmer – went to the Estonian company PrimeX (FNTCH OÜ) that offers embedded crypto trading solutions for financial institutions so they can operate a crypto trading window for their users. The product aims to offer the first Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation compliant platform.

PrimeX also received a six-month subscription to Crystal Blockchain's platform provided by Crystal Blockchain B.V.

The company finished as a runner-up. Latvian fintech company offers a uniquely filtered Mastercard that allows employers to empower employees with funds for catering and healthcare expenses, providing a round-the-clock global solution. Additionally, it allows to receive tax advantages according to the Latvian law "On Personal Income Tax". received prizes from KPMG Baltics SIA, the office of sworn advocates Rusanovs & Partneri, and The Connector.

The public recognition award was presented to SIA

The Latvian company SIA JOOL PAY was awarded a sympathy prize from

The Fintech Factor competition brought together both Latvian and Estonian fintech companies providing or planning to provide services in the fields of payments, RegTech and crypto-assets. The participation in the competition enabled all companies to acquire valuable knowledge of presenting their business ideas to potential investors. Contestants received useful advice from the members of the jury – investor Gary Palmer, founder and CEO of Twino Armands Broks and strategic partner at Venture Faculty Renāts Lokomets – on business development, market introduction and scaling.

The competition and the Fintech Forum provided fintech companies with an opportunity to meet potential investors and cooperation partners and receive answers to questions about licensing and regulatory framework from Latvijas Banka's experts.

Fintech Forum held in Riga generated widespread interest – more than 200 financial sector representatives from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Scandinavia learned about Latvia's fintech strategy and developments in Latvia's fintech environment and in the world, appreciated the discussions among European fintech environmental experts on attracting investments to fintech companies, challenges in the world of crypto-assets and development prospects created by artificial intelligence.

"Latvia's fintech strategy outlines a vision of Latvia as a financial technology centre of European Union significance where fintech companies promote innovation and competition in the financial sector by developing significant, secure and internationally scalable business models. The Fintech Forum and the competition of fintech companies represent a step towards joining the efforts of the financial sector ecosystem and thus facilitating the growth of fintech companies," indicates Marine Krasovska, Head of the Financial Technology Supervision Department of Latvijas Banka.

Latvia Fintech Forum 2023 was organised by Latvijas Banka together with the LIAA to facilitate the cooperation of the fintech ecosystem, innovations in Latvia's financial sector and the growth of fintech companies.

Take a look at the photo gallery from the event

Latvijas FinTech forums 2023. gada 10. oktobrī


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