Join Fintech Factor in October. Apply now!

Imagine a thrilling competition that resembles the excitement and suspense of a popular talent show, like X-Factor, but is designed exclusively for fintech companies.

This autumn, Latvijas Banka and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia will host the Latvia Fintech Forum 2023, introducing the Fintech Factor competition for the very first time. Early-stage fintech companies will get the spotlight to showcase their groundbreaking ideas to industry experts and investors eagerly awaiting the next wave of innovation.

We call upon all early-stage fintech companies to embrace this chance and apply for the competition.

Why apply for Fintech Factor?

  • Valuable Insights: Present your innovative business idea and receive immediate feedback from fintech regulator regarding the right licensing solution and available regulatory support.
  • Mentorship: Benefit from advice provided by seasoned investors and experienced fintech business owners who have navigated the fintech landscape.
  • Prizes and partnerships: Compete for incredible prizes and engage with potential investors and partners to propel your fintech solution to new heights.

Who can apply?

Fintech companies from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and across Europe are welcome to apply. Whether your fintech company operates in areas like payments and e-money, crypto, crowdfunding, lending, regtech, or any other fintech domain, this competition is tailor-made for you.

We especially encourage entrepreneurs and fintechs intending to obtain licenses in accordance with the recently adopted The Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation, which brings crypto-assets, issuers, and service providers under a common regulatory framework in the European Union.

Key dates to remember

  • Application deadline: September 25
  • Apply here: Fintech Factor Application Form
  • After careful evaluation, the best applicants will be selected to participate in the Fintech Factor on 10 October 2023.

Polish your pitch with the best

Before the competition day, an exclusive pitch training session led by professionals from "Change Ventures" and "Twino" will help participants refine and perfect their pitches, ensuring they present their fintech solutions with confidence and finesse.

Your chance to shine on the Fintech Forum main stage

Now, the exciting part! On October 10, one by one, Fintech Factor participants will meet the esteemed panel of experts, who also serve as the competition jury. Among them is Gary Palmer, founder of Payall, who will provide the capital injection for the best pitch.

Each participant will have 15 individual minutes with the jury: 5 minutes to pitch and 10 minutes for invaluable feedback and consultation. After all the pitches, two finalists will be chosen, earning the opportunity to step onto the Latvia Fintech Forum 2023 main stage and present their ideas to the entire audience.

The Rewards

The winner will receive a capital injection from the investor Gary Palmer, founder of Payall, the other finalist will receive a basket of fintech-related services provided by esteemed supporters, including KPMG, Rusanovs & Partneri, Crystal Blockchain and The Connector. 

One of the Fintech Factor participants will receive a Sympathy prize from free onboarding and 12 months of complimentary transaction monitoring and risk management with the system.

Fintech Forum 2023

Fintech Factor is an integral part of the Latvia Fintech Forum 2023, where around 300 fintech and tech representatives, investors, and financial professionals from Latvia and other European countries will gather. The forum will feature engaging panel discussions, keynote speeches by industry leaders, and the thrilling afternoon showcase of the two Fintech Factor finalists.

Fintech Forum offers an invaluable networking opportunity. Participants can connect and interact with industry experts, investors, and like-minded fintech entrepreneurs, forging meaningful relationships that can open doors to new possibilities for their fintech ventures.

Don’t miss this chance to put your fintech innovation in the spotlight! Apply now for the Fintech Factor!

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