Largest FinTech event of the year

FinTech sector development is one of the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) priorities in supervision of financial and capital market participants. With a view to facilitating financial innovations and strengthening the financial industry, the FCMC has implemented a number of initiatives to improve onboarding and licencing processes and further enhance the advisory capacity in the Innovation Hub.

For the first time ever, the FCMC and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) will bring the FinTech ecosystem players and best minds together in one room to discuss how to facilitate the FinTech industry development in Latvia. The FCMC, the Ministry of Finance and industry representatives have been developing the first National FinTech strategy for a year.

The governmental initiative to draft a national FinTech strategy is driven by innovative technologies and industry growth. The priorities and growth of the sector are dependent on four pillars that form the ecosystem: regulation, infrastructure and technology, access to funding and access to talents. The structure of the event reflects all FinTech ecosystem’s elements. We have invited policy makers, industry representatives and more than 20 speakers and presenters with brilliant minds and expertise to join the Latvian FinTech Forum on 13 September.

Policymakers from the Ministry of Finance, the Riga City Council, the Fintech Latvia Association and Mintos on behalf of the industry representatives will discuss the following issues: Latvian FinTech strategy priorities and goals; are our comparative advantages enough and how could the government facilitate the growth of FinTech; what added value has the FinTech sector created for the financial industry and Latvia; do we have all support mechanisms in place; do we have enough resources and talents to attract foreign investors and new market players.

With respect to funding, bright minds like Nordigen, CreamFinance and funding guru like Karsten Wenzlaff and Renat Lokomet will discuss the fundraising opportunities in Latvia and Europe; the options to attract funds and the balance between risks and opportunities in crowdfunding practices, top investment areas in the FinTech industry now.

We have dedicated a separate discussion panel with speakers from MasterCard, Binance, Gravity Team and the Federal Ministry of Finance of Austria to the issues of support and innovations in crypto-assets and adaption of MiCA regulation to highlight and find the key answers to the following questions: how will blockchain payments change the world; how will the life after MiCA (markets in crypto-assets) regulation implementation be structured and what will be the market reaction; how can the development of the crypto industry in Latvia be facilitated; why collaboration between traditional and digital finance is a must; what is the role of the regulator.

In addition to that, the tech companies Accenture and Altero and FinTech founders Twino and Dynatech will share their views on what Latvia should do to attract tech talents, how the top technologies (web3, metaverse, AI, cloud computing, bigdata) change the business environment, the future of finance and demand for new competences in 3-5 years.

To support enterprises seeking to develop innovative financial products and services and choosing Latvia as a place to expand their business in the global environment, the FCMC offers several support mechanisms – the Innovation Hub for consultations, the Regulatory Sandbox for testing innovative services and the website containing up-to-date FinTech information.

Need advice? Advice on licensing and regulatory requirements to the companies wishing to introduce new products and services or expand their business, particularly in the segments such as payment institutions, crowdfunding platforms and services related to crypto-assets from the FCMC experts is available when e-mailing to

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