Welcome to Latvian FinTech and innovation portal

Latvian FinTech sector is new and ambitious, it started to develop 10 years ago thanks to high concentrations of IT and skilled financial professionals.

A friendly financial regulator and opportunity to scale FinTech business enjoying uniform European Union’s regulation and supervisory practices have created perfect environment for its growth on European level.

The FCMC provides support and tools for new and existing FinTech companies and welcomes market players to facilitate the development of innovative FinTech sector leading the changes together.

Choose Latvia as a homeplace for global FinTech company business (as already many companies did) and you will get:

  • Friendly regulator as major dialogue partner, free expertise and support
  • Efficient licensing process with the FCMC and cross border guidelines
  • Practical help on licensing and supervision requirements for launching products or scaling business of payment institution, crowdfunding platform, or offering crypto-asset services
  • We treat foreign investors in the same manner as locals regarding investor right protection, property acquisition, residential permits
  • Easy to start business in Latvia, low barriers to operate in the IT sector
  • Quick and easy connectivity from Riga to the whole EU with best-in-class 5G and flights.

We created a FinTech Latvia portal because we believe that FinTech companies have the power to change financial industry as well as people lives and behaviour.

Our target is to support European and Latvia-based FinTech companies which are not limited geographically and run worldwide solutions in lending, crowdfunding, payments, asset management areas.

We have committed to support our customers with great solutions and fast communication; besides, you will be surprised to know more about our pre-licensing track.

We launched and brought all important information and tools in one place with easy navigation. Just check it out!

To support your best projects we launched two fantastic tools: Innovation Hub and Regulatory Sandbox. The story of Innovation Hub started when the FCMC flagged that technologies make the difference in the financial sector and create a huge impact on the customer protection, on services and on the way of banking. At the same time, this fantastic opportunity window was open to new start-ups who were driven by the idea to make personal banking simple, faster, affordable and utmost user-friendly. Up to now, the Innovation Hub is open on a daily basis and has become one of the most popular entry points for FinTech companies – apply for consultation.

The FCMC’s Innovation Hub is the place where FinTech companies and supervisors share their experiences and expertise to reach common views on the regulatory jungle of innovative services or business models that is crucial before FinTech starts operating.

The FCMC’s Regulatory Sandbox invites all innovative companies who apply innovative technology to develop services or business models and obtain a licence to operate throughout Europe with beneficial low costs, access to local banking infrastructure, fundraising opportunities. A special regulatory regime where a company can test business models currently is not covered by any existing regulation.

We invite FinTech companies to join us and develop the industry together!

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